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ErgoStak is going from strength to strength, but in its production we do produce chairs between colour changes. During this process the chairs produced exhibit elements of the colour departing and elements of the colour it’s going to. These are often quite interesting, and always entirely random.

There’s a lot of talk of recycling and re-use of plastics these days, so rather than just granulate these chairs up, which also takes additional power resource we can seek to sell them on.

These random chairs are ideal for smart modern café areas, art classrooms or informal communal areas where the great back-story and striking artistic appearance will be appreciated more. The hard thing has been to put this across visually and hopefully the images on the page give you an idea of the random almost tie-dye element to the chair colours.

These chairs still have full structural integrity and carry the additional structure to the underside of the chair which makes it one of the strongest one-piece chairs on the market.

Size 5 – W482 x D495 x H751mm – seat height 430mm
Size 6 – W482 x D511 x H781mm – seat height 460mm

BUY 50+ CHAIRS @ £19.50 EACH

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